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Utilizing artificial intelligence and the information embedded in medical images, the company develops products and services with the ultimate goal of providing higher quality care for cancer patients while minimizing total treatment cost at the same time.


Key personnel include Ralph Leijenaar as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Seàn Walsh as Chief Science officer (CSO) and Wim Vos as chief executive officer (CEO). Samir Barakat acts as Oncoradiomics principal data scientist.

Oncoradiomics is a privately held AI MedTech startup company established in Liege, Belgium in 2016.


Meet The Team

Wim Vos

Chief Executive Officer

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Wim is the CEO of Oncoradiomics and has over 10 years of experience in leading a start-up to international success. Having received an MSc degree in aerospace engineering, Wim then completed his PhD on Respiratory functional imaging and how it can be used in drug/device development and in clinical practice. Wim has studied Respiratory Radiomics since the very beginning of his career. His extensive knowledge of the field and unquestionable experience in leading companies makes him one of the main reason behind Oncoradiomics success.

Leonor Lupi Bello

Executive Assistant

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Leonor is the key to making Oncoradiomics efficient. Trained as an Executive Assistant with over 30 years of experience in Management Secretariat  in various business sectors such as industry, medical, automotive, telecommunications and media, banking, architecture, university and business services. Leonor ensures that all team members can concentrate on the essential parts of their function.

Yves Blandiaux

Business Development Consultant

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Yves acts as Business Development Consultant for Oncoradiomics and has 25 years experience successfully running international business development and sales in ICT. Building strong business value propositions, engaging high value customers, crafting business strategies, leading teams to business success are some of the key capabilities Yves brings to Oncoradiomics.

Ralph Leijenaar

Chief Technology Officer 

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Ralph is the CTO of Oncoradiomics and one of its founders. Being one of the pioneers of radiomics, he has deep expertise, experience, and understanding of the discipline along with extensive clinical and pre-clinical research knowledge. He is consequently recognized as a preeminent author in radiomics literature. 

Benjamin Miraglio


Artificial Intelligence scientist 

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Edward Scrivener

Sales & Marketing manager

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Benjamin is an artificial intelligence scientist at Oncoradiomics. He has broad expertise in biology, information technology and computational sciences along with an extensive experience working as a computational biologist in the fields of genomics and toxicology, both in academy and industry. At Oncoradiomics, Benjamin adapts deep learning techniques  in order to enhance the predictive capacities of RadiomiX.


Edward is the Sales & Marketing manager of Oncoradiomics. With a masters in small to medium business creation, Edward organises and executes online & physical visibility. Thanks to his psychology background and commercial interest, Edward works as part of the Oncoradiomics sales team as well as helping with customer relations.

Samir Barakat

Principal Data Scientist 

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Samir has 15 years of experience in data science, in clinical, academic and commercial settings. Following the completion of his academic training he joined a multi-disciplinary group at the universities of Sydney, Wollongong and NSW applying his data mining and machine learning expertise to build, develop, and test models for clinical decision support systems using national and international data sources. Samir is mainly advising on research and development of DistriM in addition to supporting the continuous automated performance progression of RadiomiX. 

Sean Walsh

Chief Science Officer

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Seán is a medical physicist with key expertise in data science and a decade of experience in the fields of radiology and radiotherapy. He has a proven track record of managing patient data from multiple international cancer centers throughout the world computer assisted theragnostics network. Seán is primarily advising on clinical and pre-clinical research strategy, along with the data warehousing, distributed learning, network security and semantic web technology for the development of DistriM, while supporting the machine learning and signature progression of RadiomiX. 

Philippe Lambin

Chief Scientific Advisor

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Philippe Lambin is a Clinician, Radiation Oncologist and pioneer in translational research with a focus on hypoxia and Decision Support Systems. He has a PhD in Radiation Biology. He is a “ERC advanced & ERC PoC grant laureate” from 2016 & 2018 and he is co-author of more than 450 peer reviewed scientific papers, co-inventor of more than 18 patents (filed or submitted)  and (co) promoter of more than 50 completed PhD’s (2 with cum laude). Philippe is primarily advising on the scientific / Research & Development roadmap as well as lending his expertise to Oncoradiomics development strategy.

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