Deep Learning Specialist

OncoRadiomics is a fast-growing, ambitious company, with headquarters based in Liège, Belgium. Expansion to the US and China are in our plans for the near future. Our mission is to revolutionize patient care and drug development thanks to artificial intelligence and the radiomic features embedded in medical imaging. OncoRadiomics has a CE marked/ FDA pending clinical decision support system (RadiomiX Clinical) as well as a unique research software (The Discovery Toolbox). OncoRadiomics also offers solutions for optimized clinical drug development trajectories to major pharmaceutical companies thanks to its proprietary software and in-house expertise.

OncoRadiomics strives to have a very talented and diverse team as its core asset, next to several international patents. We aim to recruit the right talent for the right position and offer an ambitious and innovative work environment. With the entire team behind the goals that OncoRadiomics has set, initiatives are met with positivity and talent is nurtured. Thanks to the intrinsic talent within the team and warm working relationships, not a day goes by where you will not learn something new from one of your colleagues.

We are currently looking to enlarge our team with an additional Deep Learning Specialist.

Role summary:

The Deep Learning Specialist will work with the AI team to drive R&D. He/she will be at the leading edge of deep learning in the oncology arena and will have the opportunity to deliver high impact. He/she can rapidly develop, test, and validate high performing deep neural networks for diagnosis, prognosis, theragnosis, and treatment evaluation, via extraction of clinically meaningful features from clinical images. As we embrace this technology, it is paramount that we make deep learning transparent and trusted by linking model performance to biology and physiology. A unique advantage of OncoRadiomics is that we can explain how and why our features drive predictions, you will contribute to this strength.

Ambition, passion, ability to learn fast, curiosity and creativity are important ingredients he/she will bring to the party.


Your main responsibilities:

  • Understand profoundly our application of deep learning to clinical images and data

  • Collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team: scientists, clinicians, engineers, and executives

  • Use the Scrum agile framework: Research, prototype, optimise, and implement deep learning methodologies in sprints

  • Work end-to-end with the team: ideation sessions, creating and challenging plans, collecting and curating data, experimenting, developing, testing, validating and implementing models

  • Contribute to the team: best practices, tips and tricks, give/receive feedback

  • Emphasize interpretable and explainable deep learning models

  • Understand and implement transfer learning and verification of robust deep learning methods

  • Understand and implement scalable, privacy-preserving and federated machine learning for large-scale databases of clinical images and data

  • Understand and implement multi-modal deep learning models for clinical images and related clinical data

  • Stay up to date with the literature and publish your own work

  • Contribute to the deep learning community via conferences and meetings

Your educational background and competences:

  • A degree (BSc/MSc/PhD) in artificial intelligence or machine learning sciences (or equivalent expertise).

  • New graduate with demonstrable skills in building and deploying machine vision models.

  • Expertise in convolutional neural networks (sequence models are a plus).

  • Expertise in TensorFlow/PyTorch tools and libraries.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite products.

  • Demonstrable skill in a software development and information technology operations role.

  • Willingness to travel with overnight stays depending on geography and business needs. 

  • Ability to effectively communicate in English. 

  • Robust interpersonal skills, with demonstrated ability to work independently as well as with a team.


Your desired characteristics:

  • Demonstrable ability to develop state-of-the-art and novel deep neural network architectures.

  • Demonstrable ability to develop pipelines to assess the performance of these architectures on clinically-relevant image processing tasks.

  • Demonstrable ability to keep up to date with deep learning literature in order to implement the latest techniques into our networks and pipelines.

  • Demonstrable ability to understand relevant medical literature to be able to develop sound validation procedures/metrics.

  • Demonstrable ability to develop machine-learning algorithms in multiple software frameworks and deploy on a diversity of hardware platforms.

  • Strong interest and some knowledge of drug development, digital healthcare, information systems, networking and IT. 

  • Ambitious, fast learner, passionate, curious and creative.

  • Willing to have a strong impact on cancer treatment by helping pharma companies embrace new biomarkers in their drug development process.

  • Ability to energize, develop, and build rapport at all levels within an organization. 

  • Demonstrable teach acumen and relationship building skills in a pharma/healthcare environment.

  • Demonstrable skill interfacing with both internal team members and external customers as a part of a solution-based process. 

  • Strong written and verbal communication and clear-thinking skills with the ability to synthesize complex issues into simple messages. 

  • Solid process orientation, demonstrated resource management and allocation experience, and the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. 

  • Knowledge of pharma/healthcare industry and marketplace trends for specific clinical applications and/or product knowledge within assigned area. 

  • Be pro-active and take initiatives. 

  • Customer and results oriented. 

What we offer you:

  • Unique opportunity to help shape a high potential start-up active in a leading-edge AI medical field.

  • A challenging and diversified position within a high-potential innovative start-up company.

  • Huge and fast personal growth potential for the successful candidate (i.e. leading a team in a few years).

  • A young, dynamic, leading edge, and multicultural environment.

  • Onboarding, training, and mentorship.

  • Empowerment, accountability, and recognition.

  • An attractive salary package, with bonus schemes, in line with the position responsibilities and your experience.

Feel challenged?

If you feel challenged by this opportunity and have a team-oriented / self-driven learner mentality, please send your CV and cover letter to

We look forward to welcoming you into this fast-growing OncoRadiomics team!

Your application and related information will remain strictly confidential.

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