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Protected data

Encrypted, private and secure management of your data in the Discovery Toolbox. All images are anonymized and deleted after 7 days.




Automatic feature extraction

Extract all of your features without coding a single line and benefit from the features exclusively available within the Discovery Toolbox.

Automated machine learning

Choose your features and the outcome you want to predict and let the Discovery Toolbox automatically generate your predictive model.


Increase your scientific impact

Do in 1h what would normally take 1 week and only invest your time solving scientific problems, not technical problems. Publish your research in high impact journals thanks to your cutting edge research via Radiomics and Machine Learning.

The Discovery ToolBox partnership

Choose the partnership program and valorise your discoveries. 

Benefit from expert support in creating your data workflow & optimizing your model.

We will validate and certify your models in order to get them into clinical practice. 


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