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Fri, 04/22/2016 - 16:00

AQUILAB to integrate radiomics technology into ARTIVIEW imaging software

AQUILAB (Lille, France) and OncoRadiomics (Maastricht, the Netherlands) announced today they have signed a collaboration agreement that will enable AQUILAB to integrate radiomics technology developed by OncoRadiomics in its ARTIVIEW imaging software solution.

Based on the work done by Professor Philippe Lambin and his team in Maastricht University (Maastricht, the Netherlands), the technology developed by OncoRadiomics is able to extract a large number of image features from CT & PET Scan to generate predictive signatures in radiotherapy.

Under this contract, AQUILAB will have the opportunity to propose a Radiomics module in ARTIVIEW. This module could be used either in clinical studies, to develop new predictive signatures, or in clinical practice to provide decision-support in cancer treatment, based on already defined predictive signatures. The first results of this collaboration will be presented on AQUILAB booth during upcoming ESTRO meeting that will take place from April 29th to May 3rd 2016 in Turin (Italy).

“In today’s complex healthcare environment, the development of Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers can be a revolution in Predictive Medicine, finding the right treatment for the right patient at the right time. This collaboration between AQUILAB and OncoRadiomics is an important step for AQUILAB to become a key player in the expected P4 (Predictive, Personalized, Preventive, Participatory) oncology revolution”, said David Gibon, CEO of AQUILAB.

“We are pleased that the results of academic research can be productized and therefore be used by a larger community. The next step will be to have a CE marked product”, said Loes Klaasse, CEO of Health Innovations Ventures B.V.

“Radiomics data allows us to unravel the digital fingerprint of each separate tumour, in a manner of speaking. I am convinced it will revolutionize the field of imaging and individualized healthcare”, said Ralph Leijenaar, CSO of OncoRadiomics.


AQUILAB is a French SME founded in 2000, active in the field of new healthcare technologies, providing oncology centers with innovative software helping professionals to deliver the best oncology treatment to every patient. AQUILAB markets ARTISCAN software to ensure imaging and radiotherapy equipment quality, ARTIVIEW and ARTISTRUCT to harmonize and standardize oncology treatments and Share Place web platform to manage clinical trials and evaluate new treatment strategies. AQUILAB products are available in more than 25 countries with over 300 customers.

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About OncoRadiomics

OncoRadiomics is a spin-off company of Health Innovation Ventures, which will achieve more effective, individualized screening & therapy for cancer patients thanks to quantitative imaging. OncoRadiomics is initially based on RADIOMICS, which is an innovative imaging analysis software that enables the extraction of unique quantitative features (and associated radiomics signatures) from standard images to guide personalized cancer treatment. OncoRadiomics mission is to enable the right cancer diagnose & treatment for the right patient with quantitative imaging.

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