RadiomiX Clinical

Clinical software

A.I decision support platform

RadiomiX Clinical exploits sophisticated machine learning and the exponential growth of medical imaging data to develop and validate powerful image-based signatures/models for precision medicine.

Radiomix Clinical allows you to have access to the inventory of CE marker/FDA approved signatures. Chosen by our scientific panel to ensure that our signatures answer specific unmet clinical needs. 

Simply upload your images and segment them (or use the autosegmentation tools at your disposal). You will then get access to our "signature 0" and gain clinically actionable insight on the treatment of Non small Cell lung Carcinoma .

Radiomics consultancy

Comprehensive expert consultancy to provide the knowledge and techniques to optimize your Radiomics workflow. We offer complete project life-cycle support: from image acquisition protocol design to radiomics signature generation and application.

Radiomics for clinical use

RadiomiX is a medical software application for processing, analyzing and comparison of medical images from multiple imaging modalities and/or multiple time-points. The application supports DICOM datasets.

RadiomiX enables automated quantification of information that would typically be subjectively assessed. RadiomiX provides analytical tools to aid the user assess and document tumor features upon examinations. This results in a prognostic radiomic signature.

RadiomiX is designed to support the clinical workflow by quantifying tumor features for evaluation, follow-up and documentation of any such tumor features.

Note: The clinician retains the ultimate responsibility for making the pertinent decision based on their standard practices and visual comparison of the images. RadiomiX is a complement to these standard procedures.

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