Radiomics of lung cancer (RAIL)

EU Horizon2020 SME instrument funding scheme 

Lung cancer is the most common cause of death from cancer worldwide with 1.59 million deaths annually. It also places the highest economic burden of all cancers on the EU with EUR 18.8 billion. Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) comprises 85% of all lung cancer cases. The current clinical routine to guide treatment for NSCLC patients is primarily based on the TNM staging system founded in 1958, mainly to look at surgical operability.


However, TNM-based evaluation, nor doctors’ prediction do not provide an accurate prognosis. The heterogeneity between patients (inter-patient), tumours (inter-tumour) and even within one tumour (intra-tumour) underlies these highly variable prognoses and presents a major clinical challenge. There is a lack of easy to perform, ‘actionable’ biomarkers to stratify NSCLC patients which results in i) undertreatment in 20% of NSCLC patients leading to disease progression and ultimately death, ii) over-treatment in 30% of NSCLC patients which reduces the quality of life of patients and places an economic burden on the healthcare system and iii) ineffective clinical trial design, due to lack of optimal stratification, which requires very large, costly clinical trials to be performed in order to bring new therapeutic strategies to the market.


OncoRadiomics has developed breakthrough technology, called “Radiomics”, which was recently published in Nature Communications, which enables patient stratification through the use of imaging biomarkers acquired from routine CT & PET imaging.


In Radiomics for lung cancer (RAIL) we will validate and qualify imaging biomarkers together with a ready-to-use application to deliver more accurate prognostic information, personalise treatment for NSCLC patients, reduce healthcare costs by EUR 500+ million and enable efficient clinical trial design. During the project we will implement the clinical benefits together with a CE-certified computer-aided prognostic and predictive application that converts medical images into a clear and concise report based on Radiomic signatures to support treatment decisions. Radiomic imaging biomarkers will be validated based on the highest standards in clinical validation (level I) in a phase II multi-centre clinical study.


Based on these needs, we have formulated the Radiomics for Lung cancer (RAIL) project with the following key objective:

“To validate and qualify a multi-site level I imaging biomarker (RIB1) together with a prognostic application (RadioCAP) to deliver a better prognosis and personalise treatment for NSCLC patients.”

In order to achieve our main goal, we have implemented the following sub-objectives:
1. To develop a radiomics-based prognostic application (WP1)
2. To validate clinical utility of RadioCAP and RIB1 (WP2)
3. To validate cost-effectiveness and obtain CE-certification (WP3)

The RAIL grant enables the development of the RadiomiX product

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