Medical imaging

Radiomics-based Medical imaging is a powerful, cost-effective tool that accelerates the process of drug development. Using medical imaging as a surrogate endpoint sponsors can 'see & quantify' the effect in 3D of a new drug much earlier than traditional endpoints, like progression free survival or even RECIST. It also offers support for your important 'go/no-go' decision-making: it allows you to stop ineffective drugs much earlier on in the process. 

But Radiomics can offer much more: it allows you to select and stratify the patient, detect complications earlier, use it as surrogate of complex-one dimensional-expensive molecular assays and much more...

Our medical experts also provide : 

- Protocol and study design consultation: ensuring that the imaging is standardized

- Phantom studies

- Image collection and Quality control

- Image archiving (centralized or federated) and sharing

- Analysis of imaging in privacy: images stay within the hospitals firewalls

- Adding blockchain to the process to ensure transparency and traceability

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